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Smart roofs

Remote roof management: with roof sensor and data

Just in time maintenance

Maintain only when really necessary.

Real-time remote insight

Roof insight from the office, real-time! Always

Fewer inspections

Fewer inspections, fewer movements and fewer emissions!

Prevent leaks

Avoid costly damages!

Laurens van Wylick

Director Owner of Wylick

"Until last fall, we informed clients and partners based on practical experiences, now we provide objective measurement data." 

Driekus Dijkmans

Supervisor of repair and change maintenance

 "Just as we do toward our tenants, Inscio was thoughtful after our initial conversation and put their money where their mouth is by helping us solve the moisture problem."

Inscio Roofs

Steering by objective readings and data from roofs

Inscio Roofs instruments roofs with IoT sensors. This allows us to monitor the condition of roofs better than with periodic inspections and also manage them more cost-effectively. 

Inscio leverages KPN's reliable and flexibly scalable LoRA infrastructure. 

  • 10-15 years maintenance-free
  • Dashboards and charts
  • Web-based
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Comprehensive integrations
  • Subscription form
  • New insights through AI
  • Active signaling







Gigabytes of data

Target groups

Who do we make our products and services for?

Housing Associations

Roof management from behind our desk

Roofing companies

Objective data, straight from the roof

Property owners

Property management with IoT and data

Certainty with sensors & real-time measurement data in TPO roofs

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