Innovative roof management through roof sensors and data

Roof management from behind your desk

Roof maintenance just-in-time: roof sensor and data

Today's modern roofs are much more than just a protective shield from the elements. Innovations such as solar panels, green roofs, water retention roofs and improved insulation materials have transformed roofs into multifunctional structures that contribute to energy efficiency, sustainability and water management. However, these new innovations also bring new risks. Through effective roof maintenance: remote roof management, these risks become manageable. This is done through the use of sensors and data, which help detect and address potential problems early. As a result, the benefits of modern roofs, such as lower energy costs and a reduced carbon footprint, can be fully exploited while improving the urban environment.

Sensors and data for insight

This is where sensors play a crucial role. By integrating sensors that monitor roof condition in real time, owners and chain partners can quickly respond to potential problems before they grow into major concerns. These sensors measure moisture, humidity and temperature, among other things, and provide instant alerts in case of anomalies. This makes "Effective Roof Maintenance: Remote Roof Management" not only possible, but also highly effective.



However, with these benefits also come new challenges. For example, solar panels can complicate roof inspection and cause leaks if not properly installed. Green roofs and water retention roofs, while great for the environment and water management, can lead to blockages and water infiltration if not properly maintained. In addition, the complex structure of these roofs requires close monitoring to ensure their efficiency and longevity.

Optimal condition

This technology allows owners to proactively schedule maintenance and avoid costly repairs. Effective remote roof management ensures that roofs remain in optimal condition, contributing to the sustainability and functionality of buildings. With sensors, roof maintenance not only becomes easier, but also more reliable, allowing you to enjoy all the benefits modern roofing systems have to offer with peace of mind.

Effective roof maintenance: remote roof management

Inscio provides a software suite, completely web-based so can be used anywhere, to look at the condition of the roof in real time. Does that mean someone always has to log in to look at the problems? No! We have smart signaling based on roof algorithms, automatically Inscio users are informed about possible anomalies and risks.  

Property owners, as well as roofers and manufacturers, obviously do not want leaks and damage during the warranty period. Yet differences in temperature and humidity can lead to surprises after only a few years. Inscio ensures that you can intervene exactly in time, neither too early nor too late, through virtually real-time sensor data and signaling on deviations and problems

Property owners perform condition measurements to determine the condition of maintenance-sensitive elements. So too for the roof. This inspection process is time-consuming, labor-intensive and only marginally objective. 

Inscio sensors provide objective readings, i.e. an actual picture, of the roof remotely. There is no, or much less, need to inspect roofs and therefore delivers a huge reduction in movements and thus emissions. 

We see from the data whether moisture is accumulating in the roof, whether the roof on top is dirty but also what the thermal resistance is in the roof. Based on that data, we alert our customers to risks before damage occurs. We enable our customers to intervene before things go wrong.  

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Our customers tell

 "Until last fall, we informed clients and partners about expected roof behavior based on practical experience. Now we provide objective measurement data"


Laurens van Wylick - Isomix insulating mortars

"The data we collect and analyze with Inscio Roofs' sensors helps us get all stakeholders to look at construction in a more sustainable way. But also better calculate the life-cycle costs of alternative roof structures for clients and consultants."

Eduard Beekhuizen - Babylon roofs

"We offer insight where there was never any insight"

'Roofs are increasingly being used as living space (roof gardens), the installation of PV panels and the collection and gradual discharge of rainwater (retention roofs). The roof is found space. But that also leads to enormous risks.'